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  • Bears

    They leave you alone if they know you are coming, so make lots of noise when walking in the woods. If they want your fish, let them have it.
  • Cranberry Pills

    Yep, cranberry pills. The have huge amounts of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial stuff. These are good to have for any traveling.
  • Paying for stuff

    Pay by credit card. If you later have a dispute, the credit card company can try to go after the vendor to recover the fee.
  • Rain

    It rains, a lot, and unpredictably. Bring appropriate clothing.
  • Mosquitos

    The bug population varies - from none to 500 per square yard of air - bring bug spray.
  • Fishing

    You'll need a license. They can be purchased at almost every commercial establishment.
  • Berries

    There are a lot of berries in Alaska. Some are delicious and nutritious. Some are delicious and poisonous. Play it safe - don't eat any.
  • Sunglasses

    There is a lot of sunlight in the Summer.
  • Binoculars

    You'll see a lot of fabulous sights, but many will be a long ways a way.
  • Temperatures

    The average January temperature is in the mid-20s. But, it can get down to minus 40. Don't worry about Spring and Summer - pleasantly warm.
  • Driving

    Most of the roads in Alaska are not paved. So if you are going to rent a car, try to get a four-wheel-drive if you are going to leave the pavement. With the frequent rain, it can be very necessary.
  • More Driving

    Moose can appear out of nowhere, in a flash. They like roads too So watch your speed and look around. A head-on with a moose at 60 miles per hour can be fatal to the moose and all others concerned.