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Silver Salmon

Todays hiking and fishing report ... a few King Salmon on Sheep creek taken much better on Montana Creek... Three 30lb plus King Salmon taken in a few hours ... Hiking tours in Beyers Lake were successful with just a little rain ... Hiking around the Talkeetna Lakes area was fantastic with no rain, lots of sunny weather, light breeze to keep the bugs down and one nice moose photo opportunity.  The Alaskan Wild rose in in bloom in the forest now and the fiddle ferns are a little to big to eat ... You can see there is going to be a good bounty of wild short bush blueberries coming soon! Yum!  Keep a look out for the bears, remember to be safe! ... Call Alaska Edge Tours - 1-907-733-7774 - 1-866-240-8085 Voice mail & Fax


Bald Eagle

Bald eagles were out tonight going for their evening meal at the sea gull nesting grounds. Beautiful sunset on the Big Susitna River, great night for photography, fishing was slow for King Salmon but there were some exciting times with a few big Kings being hooked up on the mouth of the Kashwitna River. Not a big run yet, but if you’re persistent and know what you’re doing you will get some bites. Landing them is another thing! Good luck and stay safe.

Bald Eagles don’t fear much – smaller animals are food, and bigger animals are chased away from their nests. There are about 70,000 in the world and half of them live in Alaska. They get driven away by human habitation – of which, up here, there isn’t any once you leave the highway, only thousands of miles of trees, rivers, mountains, salmon by the millions and Grizzly’s. Two hundred years ago there were 50,000 in the lower 48. Now there are 1200. In Alaska: 30,000. They and the moose population aren’t much concerned about humans either. Wilder than the rest of America ever was, Alaska in the summertime has something the rest of the country never had – 20 hours of daylight. Alaska Edge tours will help you get out of your world and back to a time when wildlife held sway and “domestication” and development were two hundred years in the future.


Big Silver Salmon

We went to our secret locations today to see if the Kings were in and they are. We landed a few nice size salmon and lost a few big ones of course! Montana Creek is producing some good sized fish on a regular basis. People are catching some big 30 to 40 lbs. King Salmon on the shore of the Montana Creek every day. It is combat fishing to a degree but everyone is polite and getting along just fine. There are lots of laughs and storytelling. You get to meet people from all over Alaska and from other parts of the world who came to see firsthand " The Last Frontier".


Silver salmon Catch

Beautiful June day, Alaska at its finest, if you can make it to Alaska for this time of year you will be in for a treat. The days are long and you can fish or hike for many hours with warm summer sun and a pleasant "crisp and clear" breeze to make you feel happy and content. The fishing was great today. The king Salmon are now starting to come in to the various creeks and streams from which they came a few years ago. Jack Salmon are a bright silver color and are some of the best tasting fish you have ever put on your taste buds. Bon Appetit! With a little salt, pepper and sweet onion chopped up on top, put in in the oven and bake. Bam! You’re in heaven. Not fishy tasting and probably one of the best things to eat for your health.

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